What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a revolutionary new aesthetic treatment that functions as a no “down time” alternative to traditional cosmetic procedures. A French general practitioner named Dr. Michel Pistor Developed this medical technique in 1952. He use Mesotherapy to treat skin disorders, vascular diseases, sports related trauma, rheumatoid conditions and circulation improvement. At present physicians are using Mesotherapy for a variety of cosmetic treatments which include cellulite reduction, stretch marks, scar revision, spot weight reduction and to improve the appearance of skin laxity.

What is treatment like?

During your Mesotherapy treatment, medication is injected into the middle layer of skin, also known as the mesoderm. These remedies are introduced in very small doses to the areas that need treatment. Each skin condition or body area that you would like treated demands a specific formula to achieve the desired result. To effectively treat cellulite, several compounds are injected to dissolve the connective tissues that produce the “cottage cheese” appearance and increase lymphatic flow.
The microinjections are relatively painless, so there is no need for anesthesia. You can resume normal activities following your Mesotherapy treatment. The only side effect you may experience is light bruising from the injections.

How long do the results last?

Your lifestyle will determine how long your results last. As with invasive procedures such as liposuction, good dietary habits and exercise are necessary to keep the fat from returning. Since Mesotherapy is a non-surgical natural process, it works with your body’s natural physiology, your physician may recommend a change in your lifestyle to maximize the overall duration.

How many treatments will I need?

The circumstances and condition of the area to be treated will determine the number of treatments required to achieve your desired results. For example, the reduction of cellulite requires more treatments than fat reduction due to the subsequent regenerative process. During your consultation the number and frequency of treatments will be discussed.

What preliminary steps are there?

If you are considering treatment, a medical history and exam are required prior to scheduling your first treatment. During your consultation the medications your physician will be using for your treatment will be reviewed. The Mesotherapy microinjection techniques and formulas are unique. Each formula has been adjusted to address the specific condition that you would like to improve. In order for your Mesotherapist to master the technique and obtain the necessary knowledge of the proper formulas to be used, he or she must have proper training in Mesotherapy procedures. Dr. Galati has had extensive training in this field.