Aspen Treatment

Capsular Contracture

Do your breast implants have a distorted, misshaped or oddly positioned appearance (uneven breast implants)? Are they firm and even painful? If so, you may be suffering from capsular contracture, a condition that causes hardening and constriction of the breast implant capsule, leaving patients with unnatural-looking results.

Fortunately, the Aspen Treatment is a uniquely designed therapeutic technique that can help fix this problem without resorting to more surgery. New Image Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centers is the one of few licensed Capsular Contracture centers.

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How Is Capsular Contracture Different?

Aspen Treatment Series is not designed like a traditional therapy Ultrasound generator. This breast contracture ultrasound therapy uses unique technology and design features that allows the sound heads to be left in place, cover almost the entire breast, and computer controls the delivery of Ultrasound at preset parameters. It requires no messy transducer gel, uses no wand that requires someone’s time and energy to move, and is used as an overall part of the Aspen Rehabilitation Technique (ART).

This Treatment has treated over 400 women to date with success ratings in the 80-90% range.

What is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular Contracture, or Capsular Contraction, is a condition that may affect those who have undergone breast augmentation. It is a hardening and constriction of the breast implant capsule that causes breast firmness. In the most severe cases, it can create a painful, distorted, misshaped, or oddly positioned implant.

What Causes Hard Breast Implants?

Hard breast implants may occur for a variety of reasons.

After Surgery Recovery: Hard breast implants right after breast surgery is most likely a normal function of healing. In order to speed up the recovery process, you may want to wear proper compression garments, sleep more upright, use ice packs, or undergo Lymphatic massage.

Capsular Contracture: Capsular contracture is a hardening of the breast implants after the recovery phase. It occurs when the normal shelf that forms around the breast implant hardens, or contracts, and squeezes the implant. This contraction may cause the implant to look misshapen or out of position or feel harder to the touch.
Muscular: Hard breast implants may also be the result of muscles and tissues which tighten around the implant. In this case, it is not the implant that has hardened, but in fact, the muscles themselves due to the trauma of the procedure.

What is the cost of the Aspen Treatment?

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